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This area of the brain allows you to remember hundreds of lines of code and cryptic syntax but still occasionally forget where you put the damn car keys

Induces the gag reflex upon reading code that was hacked together 10 years ago hy an incompetent moron

Regular Expressions Tins region of the brain is usually impossible to make sense of • lf performmg surgery, 1 recommend this part nut and inserting your own brain maim (just use from scratch. Al brassier - trust me)
• an,” •

Provides euphoric happy juice when code works right Copes with the despair of a caffeine crash

This is where you entenain famaRies about strangling developers that made Intemet Explorer

Makes you fed guilty about writing a had hack

Supplements that guilt by making you promise yourself that you’ll fix that bad hack later

When you RTFM it goes into these brain meats

This area is responsible for keeping you up at night  when you know a page doesn’t validate.  May also make you want endlessly partake in the CSS us Tables debate.. •because is not enough to beat a dead:hore, some people hate to pile-drive it

This safeguards you from slipping into a state of dementia after taking in approximately 12 crapons.of information every single day
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